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Ms. Lynn White

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Zoning     (City Zoning Map)

     The following is a list of permits that are required in the City of Painesville and a brief description of each. To get more information on the specific requirements and regulations of the various permits, click on the "chapter number," where applicable, to see that section of the City Code.

  • Building Permit: Needed for additions, decks, change of use.
  • Miscellaneous Building Permit: Needed for roof, siding, and porch.
  • Fence Permit
  • Pool Permit

Zoning Determination Requests

     All requests for permitted uses for a given property are to be submitted in writing or by fax (440-392-0981) to Lynn White.

Zoning Permit (Application for Certificate of Compliance)

All new construction, additions, porches, decks, driveway improvements and enlargements, and changes of use associated with property require a Zoning Permit in addition to a Building Permit. 

Rezoning Request is the permit used to request a change in Zoning.

Zoning Appeals  (Chapter 1141)

     Often times a proposed building project will not be in compliance with the restrictions set forth in the City of Painesville Zoning Code. Items such as setbacks or size of accessory buildings may be requested which deviate from the Zoning Code. The Zoning Code has an appeal process for such non-compliance items. This appeal is heard by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
     The Board of Zoning Appeals meets the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm in Courtroom #1 located in Painesville City Hall. At times the meeting may be canceled due to lack of an agenda. For more information contact the Secretary of the Board of Zoning Appeals at (440) 392-5931.      
     The owner of a property, the owner's agent, or any person involved with the property may appeal to the Board of Zoning Appeals. If the applicant is not the owner of the structure or land affected by the application, the owner of the structure or land shall be made party to the application.      
     An appeal to the Board may be taken by any person aggrieved or affected by a decision of the Administrator. The appeal must be filed at the Community Development Department Office located at 66 Mentor Avenue. The application fee is $100.00. There are deadline and notification requirements that must be met in order to be placed on the meeting Agenda. Please call the Board of Zoning Appeals secretary at (440) 392-5931 for these dates and requirements.   

Application for Appeal of Zoning Regulations Form & Instruction Sheet 

Board of Zoning Appeals

Design Review

     The Design Review area includes portions of Richmond St., Liberty St., Bank St., as well as the downtown area.  Until the Design Review map is available, please refer to the Zoning map for details. (Use the Legend and the magnification tools to enlarge the view of the Design Review areas provided.)

     Additionally, all work in the Design review area must complete the "Certificate of Appropriateness" and attach drawings that clearly represent the intended design of the building, structure, or feature as it is intended to be built and accurately describe dimensions, locations, colors, materials, and other characteristics of the design. Representation should also be made of any existing exterior architectural feature proposed to be altered or removed. Design must be in conformance with Chapter 1146 of the Zoning Code.  Click for Certificate of Appropriateness Appeal.

Historic Districts

     Visit this page for information on a variety of historic areas within the City of Painesville.