Housing Task Force

Appointed by City Council March 3, 2008 as an ad hoc committee to address matters relating to housing issues within the community and to research and review housing programs and services.  There is no specified term of office.  The Task Force is chaired by a member of City Council and meets on call. 

The members include a member from the Planning Commission, Fair Housing Resource Center, Northeast Ohio Apartment Association and a City Resident.


Abby Delamotte                                

Carol Fleck   

Randi Turner                

Father Vellenga
St. Mary's Church

Administrative Support: Lynn White, City Planner, 392-5843
                                              Doug Lewis, Asst. City Manager, 392-5802
                                              Monica Irelan, City Manager 392-5800

Council Liaisons:  Jim Fodor, Chairperson and Katie Jenkins