Low-cost Utilities

Low Cost Utilities:

Since 1885 Painesville has been providing reliable, quality and low-cost electric, water and sewer to the Painesville area.  The City is committed to maintaining its low cost structure that offers business and industry a savings in comparison to other utilities.

Electric: The City's Municipal Electric System, Established in 1888, is one of eighty-two municipally-owned facilities that generate electricity.  It services, in addition to the City; parts of Concord, Painesville Twp., and Perry.  The system's all time peak usage was 52.3 megawatts in August of 2002.

The plant, which generated 168,381,500 kilowatt hours in 2003, is one of the oldest continuously operating facilities in Ohio.  In addition to generation, Painesville Municipal Electric will purchase power to meet the system demands in a cost-effective manner.  The savings in electric in comparison to out competitors can be between 20%-40%.

Water: The City's Water Treatment Plant, Established in 1896, services all of the City, the Village of Grand River, and sections of Painesville and Concord Townships.  The Water Plant treats and pumps approximately four million gallons of water a day, bus has the capability to handle up to 71/2 million gallons per day.

Sanitary Sewer:  The City's Water Pollution Control Plant handle's all sanitary sewer for the entire City.  the plant can handle 6 million gallons per day with a 15 million-gallon peak; however, the average amount of sewage processed is 3 million per day.

Attached Document or FileMunicipal Utility Rates General Business & Commercial Electric, Water and Sewer Rates with Tap-in Fee Schedule.