Understanding Your Electric Bill


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On your City of Painesville Utility Bill you’ll notice that charges for electric consumption are broken down to these four categories:

          Kwh Tax

          Kwh Charge

          Power Cost Adjustment

          Demand Charge (Commercial and Industrial only)


The Kwh Tax rate is a tiered rate based on the number of Kilowatt hours of electricity used.  This is a statewide tax.


The Kwh Charge is the actual number of Kilowatt hours that you consumed multiplied by the rate per Kwh.  The City of Painesville has a progressive rate structure.  As the number of Kilowatt hours that you use increases, the rate per Kilowatt hour decreases.  A detailed explanation of our rates can be found in Section 929 of City Ordinances. 


The Power Cost Adjustment is based on our actual cost to produce or buy the electricity that we deliver to you.  The power cost factor is adjusted on a monthly basis.  Once the power cost factor is established it is multiplied by the total number of Kilowatt hours that you use.

We are diligent in our efforts to get actual meter readings each month, but  weather related or unforseen circumstances  can cause an estimated monthly invoice.  

Questions or concerns?  Call the Utilities Office at 440-392-5797