Smoke Detector Program

The purpose of the program is to insure that every residence in the City of Painesville is equipped with at least one working smoke detector to 

 protect those we serve. Smoke detectors are available for free to city residents throughout the year and during the months of June, July and August, PCFD offers to install and/or inspect smoke detectors and to perform home inspections free of charge.


If you would like to obtain a free smoke detector as part of this program, please call PCFD offices at 440-392-5852 or email [email protected]You must show proof of residency. Smoke detectors are not available to landlords.




Knox Box Program

Starting in 2018, PCFD began offering a Knox Box program to residents. Often, when elderly or disabled persons fall in the home or are otherwise unable to unlock a door for the fire department, we have to force entry and cause damage to doors or door frames. Having a Knox Box allows fire personnel to access a secure box to retrieve keys for the door, so they gain entry quickly and without damage. The Knox Company ensure that ONLY PCFD personnel have access to your Knox Box. Even outside departments' keys will not work on city boxes.


PCFD provides Knox Boxes with funds provided by corporate, civic and personal donations. We charge a nominal rental fee of $20 a year to offset the costs of the program. Our firefighters will install the Knox Box at your residence and can either hang over the door or be mounted to a door frame or exterior surface with screws. We file a Premise Alert with our dispatch center, who will advise our responding personnel that there is a Knox Box at the residence and where it is located. 


PCFD has a supply of residential Knox Boxes available for those who are in need. Please call 440-392-5852 or email [email protected] for more information. Knox Boxes come in all shapes and sizes and residents can purchase directly from the Knox Company if they chose to do so privately. Our fire department is notified of the purchase and will come secure the box once the resident has it installed. PCFD also works with commercial addresses that use the Knox Box system, allowing PCFD quick entry during after hours without causing additional damage. 



Fire Prevention Week (October)

Fire Prevention Week is a fun educational event for PCFD and local schools. The department works with city elementary schools (public, private and parochial) to interact with children in grades K-5. Firefighters visit the classrooms to teach fire safety and give kids hands-on experience with the equipment and trucks.


If you are a teacher or educator and are interested in PCFD visiting, please reach out to 440-392-5852 or email [email protected]





Community Events & Block Parties

PCFD is more than happy to participate in local community events and neighborhood block parties. For more information or to request the department’s participation, call 440-392-5852 or email [email protected]. Some events we regularly attend: 

                    • Party in the Park (July)
                    • National Night Out (August)
                    • Story Time with the Fire Department
                    • Fall Fest
                    • Neighborhood Block Parties

Station Tours

Our fire station is open to the public daily between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Visitors are always welcome when we are not on call! If you would like to arrange for a group tour, please reach out to 440-392-5852 or email [email protected]





Cribs for Kids

PCFD is not only the first on the scene to a call for "baby not breathing," we are also community advocates for safe sleeping environments for infants and young children. The Lake County General Health District, in partnership with the Ohio Department of Health and Cribs for Kids® National Infant Safe Sleep Initiative, provides a free Graco Pack ‘n Play or a Cribs for Kids® Cribette for income-eligible families (while quantities last). The purpose of this program is to reduce infant mortality in Lake County due to unsafe sleep practices such as co-sleeping with an infant, items in the crib, or the infant being placed to sleep in an incorrect position. With education and proper practices to reduce risks, the burden of infant mortality can be reduced. Please visit Lake County's Cribs for Kids page for more information.


CPR and First Aid Classes

Please check with the American Red Cross Cleveland Chapter for upcoming dates and to register.