Demographic Information

Painesville City is the county seat of Lake County, Ohio with roughly 20,000 residents according to the 2020 census. When combined with the surrounding Painesville Township (16,950), Painesville has roughly 37,250 residents. 

Grand River (400), Concord Township (19,250) and Leroy Township (3,100) are also considered part of the Painesville area because they share the Painesville zip code and attend the Painesville Township school district. Painesville City sits as a central location. This makes the Painesville area (44077) roughly 60,000 residents strong.

Painesville City Demographics

Trade Area Demographics

  • 20,312 Resident Population

  • 11,857 Downtown Daytime Population

  • 7,867 Households

  • $34,831 Median Household Income

  • 31.5 Median Age


  • 103,145 Trade Area Population

  • 57,237 Workplace Population

  • 40,935 Households

  • $59,860 Median Household Income

  • 42.2 Median Age
  • $30,919 Per Capita Income
Quality of Life
  • Beautiful local parks: 13 city-owned, plus multiple LakeMetro Parks
  • National Historic Downtown District, established in 1800
  • Located along the Grand River, known for its Steelhead fishing. Three minute drive to the beaches of Lake Erie
  • Stunning architecture and historic Western Reserve Square
  • Home of Lake Erie College, a private liberal arts school known for Equestrian Studies and Education degrees, with 17 NCAA varsity sport teams


Low Cost of Living

  • Compared to the rest of the country, Painesville's cost of living is 18.2% lower than the U.S. average (source:
  • Compared to the rest of the country, Painesville's utility costs are 7.1% lower than the Ohio average and U.S. average (source:
  • Compared to the rest of the country, Painesville's transportation costs (fuel, insurance, mass transit fare) is 18.3% lower than the U.S. average (source:


Unique City Characteristics

  • Five new school buildings, over $90 million in community investment
  • 11% population growth recorded in the 2010 census, considered one of the fastest growing downtown areas in Ohio
  • A true microcosm of U.S. demographics, with a population 28% Hispanic, 13% African-American and 69% White
  • Long history of entrepreneurial spirit and thriving independent, locally-owned businesses
  • Multiple Bed and Breakfasts, each with their own unique history 
  • County seat of Lake County government and judicial system
  • City-owned utilities including electric, water and sewer


Location, Location, Location

  • Uniquely positioned on U.S. Route 20, State Route 2, State Route 44 and Interstate 90. Access to all major highways in the Cleveland area
  • Multiple railways and Fairport Harbor port
  • Center of all Lake County government, court system and non-profits
  • Alternative transportation: 82% streets with sidewalks and 33 bus stops
  • 2.5 miles or three minute drive to the beaches of Lake Erie
  • Magnificent local parks including Paine Falls (scenic waterfall), Beaty Landing (kayak friendly), Greenway Corridor (4.8 mile bike path), Lake Erie Bluffs (scenic overlook) and Indian Point (Grand River valley)
  • 30 miles or 32 minutes from downtown Cleveland
  • Perfect central location between New York City (454 miles) and Chicago (373 miles). Within three hours drive of Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Detroit