Rental Property Registration
Pursuant to City Code Section 1373, a rental property owner or the owner’s local agent (including governmental or nonprofit agencies) must register all rental properties with the City of Painesville every three years as part of Painesville City's Crime Free Rental Housing initiative.
The purpose of this program is to assist rental property owners in finding suitable tenants and improving safety through the Crime Free Rental Housing training. The registration process also established an efficient way to communicate important information to rental property owners. 
Utilities & Rentals
Landlords can setup electric, water and sewer service the same as any resident (see the Utilities Billing page). However, landlords are offered the option of utilizing a Landlord Hold Agreement, which means your deposit stays on 'hold' while a tenant occupies the property and then automatically goes back into the landlord's name when the tenant moves out. The hold alleviates the landlord from having to go through the new account process every time a tenant comes and goes. 
Please note, if utilizing a hold, it is the landlord's responsibility to make sure their new tenant has set up a utilities account with the City. If a tenant does not set up an account, the account is in the landlord's name and therefore it is the landlord's responsibility for any bills that go unpaid. So, save yourself the headache and make sure your tenants set up service. Landlords call always call the Utilities Billing office at 440-392-5796 to verify this status.