Painesville City Council

City Council consists of seven members: four ward council members (one representing each ward of the city) and three at-large council members. Council elects a President of Council  and Vice President of Council to serve as the head of the city government for ceremonial purposes. 


Painesville City operates under a council-manager form of government, where the publicly elected City Council appoints a City Manager, a nonpolitical administrative position. Under the council-manager form, there is a clear distinction between the administrative role of the manager and the political, policy roles of the governing City Council. City Council adopts legislation, sets policy and gives direction of the City, while the City Manager carries out the policies and oversees the day-to-day operations and decision making in the city. 

Jim Fodor

At-Large, President of Council

Nick Augustine

Ward III, Vice President of Council

Clerk of Council

Clerk of Council is an appointed part-time position by City Council and responsibilities include giving notice of council meetings, preparing agendas, minutes and legislation, and keeping a journal of proceedings for records. Clerk of Council holds the city seal and authenticates by her signature.
Any and all questions or concerns regarding City Council meetings, procedures or regarding the group as a whole, should be directed to the Clerk of Council. 
Contact Information:
Samantha Danielson
[email protected]