Painesville Municipal Electric is a public power utility dating back to 1888. Our mission is to provide adequate, reliable and economical power to our customers in an efficient and professional manner.  The Electric Division is comprised of two highly skilled and trained departments:


Electric Distribution
  • Responsible for the transportation of electricity to each customer
  • Employs 20+ dedicated workers with extensive training and experience in electric systems including first class linemen, second class linesmen, apprentice linesmen, ground crew, meter technician and a tree crew
  • Our employees are local and on call 24/7 to handle any emergency


Tree Trimming - Check out our tree trimming fact sheet learn more about the guidelines we follow! 




Electric Plant
  • Uses a combination of purchased power and generation to provide electricity to our customers. While previously a full-capacity coal plant, today our coal production is limited to just a few days a year during peak usage times
  • Our maintenance team made up of welders, mechanics and electricians keeps the boilers, turbines, generators and equipment running smoothly
  • Our operations team made up of operating engineers, stationary engineers, heavy equipment operator, water tender, ashman and coalman working 24/7


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