The City of Painesville's Engineering Department is responsible for the following: 
    • Planning, organizing and directing multi-function activities such as street design, construction and maintenance
    • Sanitary and storm sewer rehabilitation, design and construction
    • Site and grading plan review
    • Capital improvement project coordination, programming and funding
    • Maintaining engineering drawings and records
    • Establishing street addresses and administers storm water quality activities


City Streets

City streets continue to be a priority for City Council and Administration. Below are some helpful links to navigate you through any road questions: 


Land Development

The Engineering Department works closely with the Community Development Department in the land development process. Activities include reviewing site plans (Chapter 1145), preliminary plats (Chapter 1109), final plats (Chapter 1111) and lot splits (Chapter 1111.10). The division is responsible for reviewing all engineering associated with land development and related improvements such as streets, water lines, sewers and drainage facilities. See Chapter 1113 for the City's Design Standards.

As part of the process of building the city infrastructure, the Engineering Department administers several permits and ensures the requirements of the various city ordinances integrating the constructed and natural environments are met. All repairs to existing and all new installations of sanitary or storm sewers require a Sewer Permit (City Code, Chapters 941.10 and 1337). Any excavation, clearing or grading requires a permit application in accordance with Chapter 941. 

All excavations in the roadway within the City limits require a Pavement Cut Permit (City Code, Chapter 907). Similarly, a driveway needing a depressed curb requires a Curb Cut Permit (City Code, Chapter 913). The City has a contractor to create new curb cuts; however, a resident can apply for the permit.

The Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance 
(City Code, Chapter 1353) addresses the potential for damage due to flooding. Development in a floodplain requires a Floodplain Use Permit.

The Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance (City Code, Chapter 1121) addresses the potential for reduced water quality resulting from development. The City has contracted with the Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District to perform plan reviews and to field inspect development within the City. All site plans are required to address erosion and sediment control, need to contact Paul Boyer at Lake County SWCD directly regarding their development (440-350-2730). Any grading or clearing of property requires a permit application in accordance with Chapter 1121.  



Capital Improvement Projects

The Engineering Department manages the projects accomplished through the City's Capital Improvement, Annual Paving, and Storm water Utility Programs and represents the City on projects managed by others such as the Ohio Department of  Transportation and the utility companies that serve the City. 



Permits for Oversize loads are initiated at City Hall.  Call 440-392-5801 for additional information.