Graveside Flower Program

Painesville Parks & Cemeteries is proud to partner with a local business, Flowers on Main, to offer this special Graveside Flower Program, available at both Evergreen and Riverside Cemeteries. For $225 per year, pick and choose 3 custom flower arrangements for graveside placement. Flowers on Main will deliver and place the flowers and our cemetery crews will provide clean up when the flowers are finished. This is a great low-maintenance program for you and your loved ones.
Pick and choose your arrangement for:
  1. Memorial Day
  2. Labor Day
  3. Winter Holiday
Arrangement Options

Headstone Topper

Graveside Vase

Live Wreath

To enroll in this program, please contact the Painesville Cemeteries Office at 440-392-5911 or email [email protected]

In-Ground Cemetery Vase
Available for gravesites at both Evergreen and Riverside Cemeteries, these durable vases are ideal for fresh cut flower arrangements without having to worry about the elements (like wind) and broken glass. 
    • Die-cast zinc locking vase provides stability
    • Flange around the bottom of casing resist frost-heaving
    • Tapered case prevents clogging


One vase is permitted for each single gravesite and must be installed to the left or right of the headstone. Pricing is $120 per vase and includes installation. Call the Cemeteries Office at 440-392-5911 or email [email protected] for questions or to purchase. 


Please note: Vases are available to anyone. You do not need to be enrolled in the Graveside Flower Program to purchase.