The City of Painesville has five design review districts within city limits. The Planning Division of the Community Development Department is responsible for all design reviews to make sure any new construction or exterior alterations to buildings and structures follow design district regulations. Any and all exterior work done in a design district must complete the following:

    • Certificate of Appropriateness 
    • Provide drawings that clearly represent the intended design
    • Provide accurate dimensions, locations, colors, materials and/or other characteristics of the design
    • Design must be aligned with Section 1111.10 of the Unified Development Code


All design plans can be submitted to the Planning Division for design review. Any work that is denied by the City Planner can be appealed to the Design Review Board with a Certificate of Appropriateness Appeal.


    • Commercial Design Districts: New construction and exterior alterations to buildings and structures within a commercial design district are subject to design review. This includes retail, services, offices, institutions and residential projects.
    • Historic Design DistrictsPainesville's historic districts were created in order to recognize and preserve each neighborhood's unique architectural heritage. These identified areas are protected by a design review process. Any exterior changes must be reviewed and approved in order to ensure historic integrity.



Richmond Street Design District


Downtown Historic District

bank street

Bank Street Historic District

mentor ave

Mentor Ave Historic District

railroad museum

Railroad Street Historic District