Zoning Permits

Applying for a permit can be a little confusing, so we created this handy Zoning Permit Quick Reference Chart to help break down what permits you will need for any given project: 

 What Permit(s) Do I Need?

Zoning Permit Building Permit

Site Plan

Accessory Structure (<200 sq feet)   Like sheds, garages, pavilions, gazebos
Accessory Structure (>200 sq feet) Must also include construction plans 
Addition Must also include construction plans
Deck Must also include construction and possible building permit 
Demolition   See application for additional requirements
Flatwork / Private Property  

 Driveway, Sidewalk, Patio - Flatwork Specs

Flatwork / Right-of-Way  

Sidewalk - Apron - Flatwork Specs

Fence Some applications may also require building permit
Fire Alarm / Suppression / Sprinkler System   Contact Lake County for additional requirements
Lawn Irrigation     Contact our Water Department for additional requirements 
New Construction Must also include construction plans
Parking Lots    
Pavement Cut / Curb Cut    
Repairs / Renovations May also require construction plans and building permit
Renewable Energy System 

See application for additional requirements / See "Solar Panels" under https://www.painesville.com/green

Roofing Repair / Replacement Must also include construction plans
Roofing Tear-Off / Reshingle     No more than 2 layers of shingles permitted 
Signs   See sign code, may also require building permit 
Swimming Pool / Hot Tub See Lake County for electrical permit 
Utility Structure    
Vinyl / Aluminum Siding     Loosen and refasten of electrical services (box & entry cable) should only be completed by a licensed and qualified electrician 
Waterproofing May require site plan and permit from Lake County
Window Replacement   Must include construction plans / No permit required for like-for-like


Engineering & Building Permits


Other Permits




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