Trees in Painesville Square

We have some unfortunate news to share with our Veterans Park lovers. At the end of last year while our parks crew was addressing grass issues, our on staff arborist took a look at the health of our park trees. It was determined that five trees are hazardous – having hollow cavities, rotting issues or disease. The biggest threat however, is that large limbs (if not the entire tree), could come down at any time due to these issues and endanger the public.


With the arborist’s recommendation, we will be removing these trees in the coming weeks. They include Lindens, Maple and Elm variety. Because we want to continue to keep our Painesville Square healthy and green, we will be installing three new trees this year: one ornamental tree near the gazebo, one evergreen towards the Chase Bank building and a shade tree towards the center of the park. In the coming years, our parks department will analyze if additional trees can be added.
Thank you for your understanding. We will be sure to communicate any plan changes.