Statement Addressing Protests vs Events

The City of Painesville supports community events as long as they can be done safely. Our commitment to protecting the safety of our community means we will follow the directives issued by the Lake County General Health District (LCGHD) during the pandemic. We place importance on the health and well-being of individuals and it is for this reason we followed the advice of the LCGHD. Any questions or concerns regarding the LCGHD decisions should be directed to them at or 440-350-2188.


We have heard and understood a number of recent concerns from residents surrounding protests. Protests differ from traditional events in that they are a constitutionally protected speech under the 1st amendment. This right is one of the founding ideals of our country and we are required to protect those rights. Fortunately, we have a long history of peaceful protests here in the City of Painesville. At each of the upcoming protests (one Friday night that is anti-health department and one Saturday night that is BLM), our primary goal is to ensure the safety of our community and those involved. The organizers of the two upcoming protests have ensured us that they plan to remain peaceful and respectful while exercising their 1st amendment right. In turn, we encourage all attendees to comply with LCGHD guidelines, which includes social distancing and wearing a mask.


No matter what your personal beliefs on Covid-19 may be, we ask that you respect the city’s compliance in the name of public health and respect the constitutional rights of others. Thank you.


Doug Lewis

Acting City Manager

City of Painesville

Dan Waterman

Chief of Police

Painesville Police Department