Painesville Electric Response to Electric Rate Questions

The City of Painesville has received questions recently regarding the First Energy electric rate increase and if Painesville Electric customers will be affected. In short, no. The power market pricing issue First Energy is addressing has nothing to do with our rates and we are not tied to their rate increase. It’s one of the benefits of being a public power utility. Our own power portfolio (where we buy electric) is not determined by the same market First Energy uses.


Remember, usage (how much electricity you use) tends to be higher in the summer than in cooler months (air conditioning, running fans, etc.) While there will be no difference in rates, each customer is charged for the electric they use. Some customers see their bill fluctuate more than others in the summer based on their specific usage. Rates do not change.


Painesville Electric does not foresee a rate change in the near future and will communicate with our customers if circumstances change.


Thank you for supporting #PublicPower!