New St. Clair Street Parking Lot Opens

Victoria Place tenants and visitors now have a new parking lot to utilize. Since August 2019, contractors have been working to complete the new St. Clair Street Parking Lot behind Victoria Place which included the installation of a retaining wall, reinforced curb, storm sewer installation and catch basins, new lighting and the surfacing and striping of the parking lot.


Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances and weather, the asphalt top coat was unable to be poured before winter set in. While a week of asphalt work remains and is scheduled for completion in spring 2020, the parking lot will still be available for use this winter.


As a result of the new lot, a new parking system has been established. The city lot will be gated and users will have two payment options beginning February 1, 2020.



  1. Monthly parking passes are available for purchase through the Painesville City Finance Department. Passes can be purchased in bulk or individually. 
  2. Parking is $15.00 per month for each pass. With each paid monthly pass, a key-fob will be issued for lot security. The key-fob must be assigned to a specific individual. There is a $10.00 deposit fee per key-fob that is returned when the key-fob is returned. If an employee leaves an organization, the individual or organization must notify the Finance Department of this change. 
  3. Monthly parking passes should be purchased no later than Wednesday, January 15 to ensure key-fobs are operational by February 1.   
  4. Non-payment of the monthly parking pass fee will result in the key-fob being disabled by the 5th day of the new month. It will not be reactivated until payment is made in full.   
  5. If parking passes are purchased in bulk, the Finance Department will collect payments and provide the key-fobs for the organization to manage. The key-fobs will be provided to the designated contact person within the organization and will become their responsibility. 
  6. Payment options for monthly parking passes include:
      • Cash or checks made payable to the ‘City of Painesville’ and can be mailed or dropped off at Painesville City Hall, Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Finance Department

City of Painesville
7 Richmond Street
Painesville, Ohio 44077
        • Credit card payments are NOT accepted for monthly permit passes at this time.



  1. Daily or visitor parking will be available at $2.00 per day. The parking kiosk accepts cash or coin and credit cards. 
  2. The parking kiosk accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express for daily parking. There is no additional fee for using credit card and it is the preferred option. Discover is not accepted. A printed receipt option is available.
  3. The parking kiosk does NOT provide change, so it is important to have exact change if paying in cash or coin. Please be sure visitors are aware they will need exact change or credit card for daily parking before arriving at the lot. For example, if a visitor inserts at $5 bill, the gate will go up but no change will be given. Refunds are not provided.


As stated above, an additional layer of asphalt will be required to complete the project in May/June of 2020. As a result, it will be necessary to close the parking lot for one week to apply the top coat and re-strip. Monthly parking pass holders will receive a free month of parking for this inconvenience.   


While the city does it’s best to anticipate potential issues, the new system may require adjustments from time-to-time. Painesville Police will have access to the system for routine checks and the city’s public works department will be maintaining snow plowing and salt throughout the winter.


Anyone with questions about the new system are encouraged to contact Doug Lewis, Assistant City Manager and project leader at 440-392-5903 or the finance department at 440-392-5796.