Sidewalk Snow Reminders

As the weather turns in Northeast Ohio, a few reminders for property owners and their sidewalks during snow falls:


  • For snow falls under 4", it is the property owner's responsibility to shovel any sidewalks abutting their property!
  • For snow falls over 4", city crews plow sidewalks throughout city limits. Plowing begins at 12 midnight after a snow fall, and typically taker 12 hours to complete all routes. Sidewalks around schools are given first priority.
  • Help us, help you! Do not run any kind of cords for holiday displays across your sidewalks, especially electrical cords! All displays, retaining walls, fencing, etc. should be at least two feet off the sidewalk (some brick and stone walls being an exception). Staking/posting your sidewalk edges is always helpful to our crews!
Questions or concerns about sidewalk plowing can be directed to the Public Lands & Recreation Office at 440-392-5912. Any yard damage from sidewalk plows are recorded and addressed in the Spring when re-seeding occurs.