Statement Regarding Drug Store Chain Closures

As major drug store chains continue to struggle, closing hundreds of locations across the country, the City of Painesville has not gone untouched. The CVS on Erie Street closed this past June and the Rite Aid on N State Street is scheduled to close on July 9 (*previously reported as August 1).
These decisions are made by their corporate offices and, based on our own assessment, has nothing to do with store traffic numbers. As the rise of online services continue to grow, more closures in the surrounding areas should be expected.
To clarify some misinformation:
  • Painesville City Administration is working to contact the appropriate decision makers at each corporation to inquire about plans to sell the property and possible re-uses of the retail space. The City will work with the property owners to provide any assistance in redeveloping these buildings.
  • Per Lake County Administrator Jason Boyd, the County is not purchasing these properties. These properties are not part of their new Safety Center/Jail complex or for additional parking.
  • At this time, the City is unaware of a Walgreens closure on Richmond Street. However, as locations across the country continue to close, customers should pay attention to signage in store.


Again, this is a national trend that is not unique to Painesville. As buyer habits change, so does the use of retail properties.