State of Ohio Food Assistance Replacement Benefits

Due to the multiple power outages last week, the City of Painesville wants to remind residents of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Service's food assistance replacement benefits. 


Food Assistance Replacement Benefits

When one or more households within the state experience a misfortune (such as fire, flooding or a power outage) that lasts four or more hours and results in loss of food, replacement food assistance benefits can be issued to food assistance recipients. The replacement benefits can be used to purchase the same eligible food items as regular food assistance benefits.


In order for replacement benefits to be awarded, households must have experienced a food loss as the result of a disaster or other misfortune. For example, a power outage that lasts a significant amount of time could result in the loss of refrigerated or frozen food items.


  • Who is eligible for replacement benefits?
To be eligible, an individual or household must have received food assistance benefits during the month in which the disaster occurred.
  • How are these benefits provided?

Replacement food assistance benefits are added to recipients’ Ohio Direction Cards. To receive the benefits, households must complete the JFS 07222, “Statement Requesting Food Assistance Replacement,” within 10 days of the loss and submit it to their county department of job and family services. In the event of large-scale disasters, Ohio may receive permission from the federal government to issue replacement benefits automatically to all eligible households in the affected area. In that case, no forms are required.

  • How much will households receive?

Households will receive replacement food assistance benefits for the amount of food the household reported was lost or destroyed, as long as it does not exceed their monthly allotment. If automatic replacement benefits are issued to everyone within an affected area, the amount is determined based on the date the disaster occurred and the amount of time left in the month.

  • Where can I get more information?

Visit or call (866) 244-0071 or (614) 466-4815.