2023 Keep Painesville Beautiful Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2023 Keep Painesville Beautiful poster contest winners! 2nd and 3rd graders throughout the city were tasked with creating artwork that promotes anti-littering and keeping the city beautiful.
Each school was awarded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner along with any honorable mentions. All 1st place winners will be recognized at the next City Council meeting with a proclamation.
��Chestnut Elementary - Finnigan Taylor
��Maple Elementary - Gia An Nguyen
��Elm Elementary - Gisselle Gomez Lopez
��Our Shepherd School - Irene Molnar-Williams
Posters are hanging up in the lobby of Painesville City Hall. Great job to all students who participated and remember, keep Painesville beautiful and please don't litter!
Chestnut Elementary School
1st Place - Finnigan Taylor, Chestnut Elementary
2nd Place - Haley Manuel, Chestnut Elementary 
3rd Place - Marc Hernandez, Chestnut Elementary
Honorable Mention - Fayth Hargiss, Chestnut Elementary
Elm Elementary School
1st Place - Gisselle Gomez Lopez, Elm Elementary
2nd Place - Amanda Alvarez Casillas, Elm Elementary
3rd Place - Railynn Williams, Elm Elementary 
Honorable Mention - Marianna Brown, Elm Elementary 
Honorable Mention - Jorge Pacheco, Elm Elementary
Honorable Mention - Allison Veloz Velazquez, Elm Elementary 
Honorable Mention - Nataly Mascosa, Elm Elementary
Maple Elementary School
1st Place - Gia An Nguyen, Maple Elementary
2nd Place - Ezra Anderson, Maple Elementary 
3rd Place - Sofia Saavedra, Maple Elementary 
Honorable Mention - Arianna Humphries, Maple Elementary 
Honorable Mention - Roman Tanski, Maple Elementary 
Honorable Mention - Ashlynn Dalora, Maple Elementary 
Our Shepherd Lutheran School
1st Place - Irene Molnar-Williams, Our Shepherd
2nd Place - Liam Lallement, Our Shepherd 
3rd Place - Chloe Lewis, Our Shepherd