Top Painesville Police Officers Recognized

At Monday, April 15's Painesville City Council Meeting, five of the Painesville Police Department's top performing officers were recognized for their hard work over the past year:
    • Officer Chad Balausky
    • Officer Cory Whitt
    • Officer Tyler Mehalic
    • Officer Joe Federico
    • Officer Dallas McCloud
Over the past year, combined, just these five officers had 630 citation, 229 arrests, 1,665 charges, 104 accidents and 6,747 calls. Thank you to these officers who are truly committed to the safety and betterment of the Painesville community.
Chief Dan Waterman, Officer Chad Balausky, Officer Cory Whitt, Officer Tyler Mehalic, Officer Joe Federico, Officer Dallas McCloud and Council President Jim Fodor
The prestigious Officer of the Year Award was presented to Officer Dallas McCloud. Officer McCloud has spent nearly seven years with the Painesville Police Department and in that time has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and creating a team atmosphere involving other officers. As a Field Training Officer (FTO), McCloud takes the role of training new officers very seriously to ensure the community is served by high-quality, dedicated officers. 
Council President Jim Fodor, Officer of the Year Dallas McCloud, Chief Dan Waterman