Eight Painesville City Firefighters Awarded

Eight Painesville City firefighters received awards at the September 4 City Council meeting.


Firefighter Rob Hendershot received the Fire Chief’s Commendation for his part in developing the recent Active Shooter Drill at Harvey High School. Lieutenants Amanda Karduck and Terence Marthe and Firefighters Thomas Konitsky, Christopher Young, James Solymosi, Drew Lemmerbrock and Christopher Kuper received a unit citation for their actions during the Eckart America fire of July 8, 2017. Members of the Eckart America leadership team were present to witness the awards.



Whereas; On July 3, 2018 this department participated in an Active Shooter Drill with the Painesville Police Department and numerous other entities from the county.

Whereas; Firefighter Robert Hendershot was more than a participant in this drill.  Firefighter Hendershot lent his expertise as a Certified Tactical EMS Paramedic in assisting Captain Hummel and the Painesville Police department in orchestrating the drill and advancing this department’s readiness should we ever have to respond to an active shooter event.

Whereas; Firefighter Hendershot spent many hours researching, recommending, obtaining and placing Rapid Triage Vests in service.  These vests assist our response teams by placing the items most likely needed in an active shooter event at their fingertips.  He also worked with Lake Health, our medical direction, in obtaining valuable equipment to be used in such events. 

Whereas; Firefighter Hendershot has worked closely with Captain Hummel to advance the department in the area of active shooter response.  He has made numerous recommendations on tactical equipment including ballistic vests and helmets to protect our responders.

Whereas; Firefighter Hendershot worked with Lieutenant Slocum and Detective Tecil, of the Painesville Police Department, to bring weapons retention and familiarity to all fire department personnel.  This training will prove vital in the event one of our responders must render aid to a victim, police or otherwise, that is armed.

Whereas; Firefighter Hendershot worked diligently and often on his own time to assist in the research and implementation of strategies and tactics to be implemented during active shooter events.  His experience as a Tactical EMS Paramedic has proven invaluable.

Whereas; Firefighter Hendershot worked both as a trainer and evaluator during the drill and afterwards on shifts to increase the knowledge and skills of all, police and fire, personnel.

Whereas; Firefighter Hendershot did all of the above without expectations or desire of accolades or recognition but for the betterment of the department and for the safety and welfare of our firefighters, police officers and the general public.

Therefore be it known that Firefighter Robert Hendershot is hereby awarded the department’s Fire Chief’s Commendation for his actions, knowledge, skills and participation leading up to, during, and following the Active Shooter Drill.


Whereas; On July 8, 2017 the Painesville City Fire Department did respond to a fire at Eckart America, 830 E Erie Street.

Whereas; The initial responding crew of Lieutenant Amanda Karduck (Incident Commander), Lieutenant Terence Marthe (attack team leader),  Firefighter Christopher Young (attack engine operator), Firefighter Drew Lemmerbrock (attack crew), Firefighter Christopher Kuper (attack crew), and Firefighter Thomas Konitsky (aerial operator) found on arrival a working structure fire in a storage warehouse containing large quantities of highly reactive and explosive powdered metals.

Whereas; The fire eventually reached the level of a second alarm, fourteen (14) additional fire departments responded, plus special calls for the Lake County Hazardous Materials Intervention Team (H.I.T.), the Lake County UAS (drone) team, and the Ohio EPA.

Whereas; The fire was contained to the original building and brought under control with no injuries to any emergency personnel and the environmental impact was minimized to due to the actions and quick thinking of the initial response crews.

Whereas; The actions of this crew, assisted by mutual aid and special call crews, resulted in minimizing the damages sustained by Eckart America and their ability to reopen in a timely manner thereby contributing to the company’s ability to continue business in the City of Painesville

Therefore be it known that Lieutenant Amanda Karduck, Lieutenant Terence Marthe, Firefighter Thomas Konitsky, Firefighter Christopher Young, Firefighter James Solymosi, Firefighter Drew Lemmerbrock, and Firefighter Christopher Kuper are hereby awarded the department’s Unit Citation for their actions of July 8, 2017.