City Council Appoints New City Manager

At Monday, December 21’s Painesville City Council meeting, Council unanimously approved the appointment of Doug Lewis to the position of City Manager of Painesville. This comes just two weeks after the departure of former City Manager Monica Irelan to her new position in Westerville, Ohio.


Lewis has served as Assistant City Manager of Painesville over the past 12 years. In addition to working on projects assigned by the City Manager, Lewis oversaw the Engineering, Building, Zoning and Housing functions for the City. Recently, his responsibilities included long-term planning of major infrastructure projects.


“City Council is proud to make this announcement. Doug has proven his commitment to Painesville over the past 12 years and has been unwavering in his support for our residents and the betterment of the community,” said Paul Hach, President of Painesville City Council.


Lewis has worked in local government for the past 23 years as either Assistant City Manager or City Manager in three states: Colorado, Florida and Ohio. He obtained a B.A. in Political Science from Wittenberg University and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at The Ohio State University. Lewis currently resides in the City with his wife, Meghan, and two children: Kendall and Grayson.


“I want to thank City Council for the opportunity to serve as Painesville’s next City Manager. It is an honor and a privilege. As a Painesville resident and long-time employee, I am committed to working with City Council and our talented and dedicated staff to do what is best for our City. I am confident that by working together we can continue making progress for the betterment of our community,” said Lewis.