City Announces 2021 Road Projects

The City of Painesville is pleased to announce the planned road projects for the 2021 construction season as part of the city’s five-year plan for road infrastructure improvement. A total of nine roads are slated for resurfacing in the coming months. Both Skinner Avenue and Button Avenue are on tap to be completed before mid-summer using 2020 funding, which the state placed on hold during the early phases of the Coronavirus pandemic causing a delay in the start of these two projects.


Roads being resurfaced with 2021 funding include:

  • N State Street, from Storrs Street to Skinner Avenue
  • N St. Clair Street, from Skinner Avenue to the Grand River bridge
  • Elm Street, from Erie Street to the railroad tracks
  • Sterling Avenue
  • Paige Place
  • Nottingham Place
  • Stonehaven Drive
  • Continuation of the Sidewalk Program


The Painesville Engineering Department will also be working on planning and design for 2022 projects including Chestnut Street, Newell Street, Reed Avenue and Chester Street. The City has also partnered with the Army Corps of Engineers on the $3.9 million Bank Street retaining wall which continues to be monitored for erosion issues over the Grand River. That project is slated for design in 2021 and implementation in 2022.


Painesville is in the middle of a 5-year road plan (2019-2023) with over $16 million scheduled in road improvements, a continuation of the momentum from the 2014-2018 road plan which saw $8.2 million in road improvements. Road conditions continue to remain a top priority for Painesville City Council and residents.


None of the proposed road projects would be possible without the approval of the 2017 road levy. While the road levy is a critical source of funding to complete these large multi-million dollar road projects, City Council also commits funding to the roads from the City’s general fund. Staff has been very successful at applying for state, federal and local grants which accounts for roughly 50% of Painesville’s road budget. Without all funding sources coming together, these large-scale road improvement projects are not possible on the aggressive timeline Painesville has established.


For more information on Painesville’s Road Plan or to learn more about how roads are chosen for resurfacing, visit