AMP Celebrates 50 Years Serving Electric Systems

Painesville Electric's partner American Municipal Power, Inc (AMP) is celebrating its 50th anniversary, marking five decades of serving member electric systems.


AMP is a nonprofit corporation that provides generation, transmission and distribution of electric power and energy to its members. By coordinating, negotiating and developing power-supply options and interconnection agreements, AMP is able to purchase wholesale electric power and energy and sell it to members at rates based on the cost and dispatch fees. 


AMP was founded in 1971 when a group of municipally owned electric systems joined forces to lower costs and increase the reliability of their power supply to benefit their consumer-owners.


Originally called American Municipal Power-Ohio, Inc., AMP’s primary focus in its first 25 years was joint ownership of electric facilities, pooled buying power in energy markets and alternative means of generating, transmitting and distributing electric power and energy to benefit customer-owners. The organization also provided a forum for members to come together on mutual aid, safety training, other programs, and regulatory and policy matters.


Through the years, the organization has developed a variety of programs and services to meet member needs. In 2009, in recognition of the expanded membership footprint, AMP-Ohio officially became AMP. Today, AMP has grown to serve 135 members across nine states.



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