Smart Meter Installations

We are pleased to announce plans to upgrade the electric meters in your neighborhood. This upgrade will begin late October and will take approximately six months to complete. We are excited about bringing advanced technology to our community and the benefits it will provide our customers, that’s why we want to keep you informed and answer any questions you may have.

Our current meter infrastructure is being replaced by advanced meters capable of providing more accurate and timely data to us and you, the customer. This new meter transmits the data to us over a secure wireless network that is being installed in Painesville. Unlike the current analog meters, advanced meters or ‘smart’ meters, do not need to be read by a meter reader and provides two-way communication for improved efficiencies, distribution automation and improved power quality and reliability.

Investment in a solid Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) helps us improve the way we do business and allows our customers to take control over their energy usage. Because these meters are digital and use a wireless network for two-way communication, usage data is more timely, accurate and secure. Because we are receiving usage data over a wireless network, we no longer need to drive or enter a customer’s property to obtain electric readings.


We estimate it will take approximately 5 minutes to replace the typical electric meter. In order to do the work safely, your electric service will be turned off during this time while the work is being done. As long as a meter technician can access your meter, you do not have to be present. We will leave a door hanger notifying you that the work was completed. If we are unable to access the meter, we will leave a door hanger providing you information to re-schedule.


As utility infrastructure across the country ages, it is being replaced with the most advanced technology available, including advanced meters. Through this program, we are able to offer our customers the same host of safe, secure and accurate services as neighboring utilities at no additional cost.


For any questions or concerns, please contact us at 440-392-3452 or 440-392-5954. More information about the program can be found at