New Look for Website

Frequent visitors to the City of Painesville website may have noticed a new look recently. At the end of May 2021, the City rolled out a new website design for to strengthen communication efforts and provide a better experience for residents and visitors. The redesign features a modern appearance with high resolution images, scrolling icons and a responsive web design.


“The biggest change is the responsive design, which essentially means no matter the device you are using to view the website, it will always look the same,” said Kathleen Sullivan, Communication Coordinator and lead of the website redesign project. “With more than half our users coming from mobile devices, it’s really important that the website is compatible with smaller screens. This is what we, as smart phone users, have come to expect.”


In addition to the new look and responsive status of the website, content has also been streamlined for a more intuitive and organized experience.


“The average person visiting our website is looking for information because they have a question or concern they need addressed,” said Doug Lewis, City Manager. “The goal is that visitors can find what they are looking for quickly and that the information is helpful and complete. We want a positive user experience.”


Painesville’s website redesign kicked off over 18 months ago, when the City and their current web host partner, GovOffice, sat down to discuss options for an updated design and experience.


“I think the best part of this project is that we were able to do all the content and design work in-house and the building and implementation under our current contract with GovOffice. This means there was no additional costs associated with the redesign. We have a beautiful new website and we didn’t pay an outside agency to do that,” said Sullivan.


The City notes that the while the majority of the website is complete, there are a few pages still under construction. An estimated final completion date is set for mid-July.