2024 Keep Painesville Beautiful Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2024 Keep Painesville Beautiful poster contest winners! 2nd and 3rd graders throughout the city were tasked with creating artwork that promotes anti-littering and keeping the city beautiful.
Each school was awarded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner along with any honorable mentions. All 1st Place winners and Best in Show winner will be recognized at the May 20th City Council meeting with a proclamation.
��1st Place Chestnut Elementary - Ximena Alvarado Pacheco
��1st Place Maple Elementary - Tatiana Sky Dukes
��1st Place Elm Elementary - Maria Hernandez
��1st Place Our Shepherd School - Arabella Sims
�� Best in Show 2024 - Destany Moctezuma, Elm Elementary
Posters are hanging up in the lobby of Painesville City Hall. Great job to all students who participated and remember, keep Painesville beautiful and please don't litter!
Best in Show 2024
Best in Show 2024: Destany Moctezuma, 2nd Grade, Elm Elementary
Chestnut Elementary School

1st Place: Ximena Alvarado Pacheco, 3rd Grade
2nd Place: Jailenne Williams, 3rd Grade
3rd Place: Haley Manuel, 3rd Grade
Honorable Mentions: Benjamin Ocasio-Pachuca, Marjorie Acosta Gomez, Marc Hernandez, Alexalee Pacheco Lozano, Journee Densmore
Maple Elementary School
1st Place: Tatiana Sky Dukes, 2nd Grade
2nd Place: Ana Nguyen, 3rd Grade
3rd Place: Abigail Abigail Cisneros, 2nd Grade
Honorable Mentions: Antonio McKinley, Natalie Ramirez, Roselynn Brown, Olivia Sakno, Maddie DeMoss
Elm Street Elementary School
1st Place: Maria Hernandez, 3rd Grade
2nd Place: Alyson Navarrete, 2nd Grade
3rd Place: Annabelle Roberson, 3rd Grade
Honorable Mentions: Alexa Razo, Martha Solis Perez, Gisselle Gomez Lopez, Logan Astacio Torres, Goretti Herrera Moscosa, Yaileni Aboytes Hernandez
Our Shepherd Lutheran
1st Place: Arabella Sims, 3rd Grade
2nd Place: Liberty Addison Johnson, 2nd Grade
3rd Place: Karter Morris-Limpert, 2nd Grade