CANCELLED: Painesville's 3v3 Streetball Classic is August 25

Shoot hoops? Grab a team and enter the Painesville 3v3 Streetball Classic. Compete against other teams and earn a t-shirt along the way! 




Who: Youth and adults of all ages

When: Saturday, August 25 starting at 9:00 a.m.

Where: Jobs & Family Services Parking Lot, Main Street



This event is designed for all ages, both youth and adult! Please note the following rules:


General Rules

  • Each team must have a minimum of three (3) players or a maximum of four (4) players on their roster. We will accept registration up to game time but not guaranteed. Player substitutions will be permitted only until start of first game
  • Player may only appear on one roster
  • All coaches and parents may only play a spectator's role
  • Inappropriate language and/or behavior directed at players or officials will not be tolerated. Only one warning will be given before the individual is asked to leave. Please help make this a positive event


Pre-Game Rules

  • Both team will warm-up at the same time prior to the start of the game
  • Only those teams scheduled to play are allowed to occupy the court at the scheduled time
  • Teams must be at their court at the scheduled game time, even if games are "running behind" for any reason (inclement weather, slow play, etc). The players are ultimately responsible for obtaining accurate scheduling information and being at their court to play when the game is to begin.
  • No dunking allowed during warm-ups


Time Limit/Scoring

  • 1 point for all field goals inside the arc
  • 2 points for all field goals outside the arc
  • Games played to 20 points or 20 minutes, whichever comes first
  • Winning team must win by two (2) points up to 25 points (e.g. 20-18, 23-21, 25-24)
  • Ties will be decided by free throws, alternating shooters


Miscellaneous Rules

  • Each team will be allowed one time out per game
  • Time outs last one minute in length
  • Substitutions are made only on dead balls
  • One free throw will be awarded for all shooting fouls even beyond three point line
  • Coin flip before each game determines who gets ball first
  • All teams must take ball back to designated line on all changes of possession
  • All non-shooting fouls will be taken out behind designated line


Weather Policy

If adverse weather conditions and unplayable situations, the following may apply:

  • Delay of games for a period of time until the clouds break and conditions improve
  • Reduce the number of points required to win a game
  • Change the format of the tournament from double elimination to single elimination
  • No refunds


Payment Information

Youth Divisions: Team of 3 = $60 ($20 each) / Team of 4 = $75 ($18.75 each)

Adult Division: Team of 3 = $90 ($30 each) / Team of 4 = $105 ($26.25 each)


  • Pay cash at the Painesville Recreation Office located at 54 Mentor Avenue, Painesville
  • Pay check, made payable to "City of Painesville" and mailed to Painesville Recreation, P.O. Box 601, Painesville, OH 44077 or in person at 54 Mentor Avenue, Painesville
  • Pay credit card ( $4.95 service fee applies) by phone at 440-392-5912 or in person at 54 Mentor Avenue, Painesville.

Painesville Recreation office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.