Painesville Cemeteries Ready for Summer Decorations

Evergreen and Riverside Cemeteries will be open for summer decorations starting Monday, May 21. Painesville cemetery personnel have been working to complete spring clean-up at both cemeteries in time for Memorial Day. Below are a few reminders for planning decorations:


  • Summer decorations are permitted one week before Memorial Day and must be removed by Oct 1.
  • Allowed decorations include potted live flowers in standard clay pots, plastic pots or urns, no larger than 15 inches. Flower baskets on shepherd’s hooks or raised holders are also permitted.
  • No more than one pot, basket or shepherd’s hook per grave will be allowed
  • Single headstones marking two graves or monument lots may have two pots, baskets or shepherds hooks.
  • No artificial decorations of any kind are permitted during summer months. This includes silk or plastic flowers, statues, crosses, vigil lights, balloons and wind chimes.
  • American flags are permitted year round.