Northeast Corner of Painesville Square Prepares for Upgrades

A new improvement project for the road and sidewalks surrounding the square in Downtown Painesville is scheduled for construction in the spring of 2019. The North Park Place Transportation Enhancement Project will be located in front of the new Lake County Administration Building site, on the northeast corner of Veteran’s Park, and is a joint project between Lake County and the City of Painesville.


The project’s goal is two-fold: first to improve the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists who are vulnerable in the long corner crosswalk that currently exists and secondly, to improve the look and functionality of the northeast corner of the park in time for the Administration Building’s grand opening in the summer of 2019. The transformation includes a roadway narrowing in the corner, storm water quality improvements, landscaping, benches, bike racks, porous pavers, lighting and redesigned street parking.


“For an active downtown space, we want to embrace a true pedestrian-friendly environment that is safe, comfortable and inviting to both walkers and vehicles in the town square,” said Doug Lewis, assistant city manager and project manager. “Right now, the perimeter of the square is very vehicle focused. This project will still maintain the convenience of driving and parking around the square, but improve the experience for pedestrians in the northeast corner. By bumping the park out and creating a landscaping space in front of the new Administration Building, we are making a more visually pleasing and safer improvement for residents, workforce members and county visitors.”


The North Park Place Enhancement Project is funded largely by grant money. The Lake County Commissioners office helped Painesville obtain $303,699 from Lake County CDBG grant to use toward the transformation project. The City also was granted $150,000 from the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) for the improvements.


“Painesville is a walkable city. With the new LakeTran transportation center on St. Clair Street, this project is looking to draw visitors and residents from Main Street into Veteran’s Park and back,” said Lynn White, city planner.


The 2019 northeast corner project is the first phase of improvements Painesville City has for the street area surrounding Veteran’s Park.