Four Firefighters Honored with Excellence Awards

At Monday, June 17's Painesville City Council Meeting, four members of the Painesville City Fire Department were recognized for their excellence in the field. Congratulations to:
  • Firefighter Drew Lemmerbrock, Life Saving Medal
  • Firefighter Randy Rolf, Life Saving Medal & Stork Pin
  • Firefighter Tom Konitsky, Stork Pin
  • Firefighter Jim Solymosi, Stork Pin


Life Saving Medal

On Tuesday, May 21, 2024, four members of the Painesville City Fire Department were enrolled in a River Rescue Technician Class at the Indiana River Rescue School, in South Bend, Indiana. During this class, the students and instructor were alerted of a civilian who was going to jump off a bridge in an attempt to harm himself.  

Without regard for his own safety, FF Drew Lemmerbrock, along with the class instructor, ran to the individual and assisted him off the bridge. The individual became more distraught and ran back onto the bridge in an attempt to jump. FF Lemmerbrock grabbed him and carried him to safety at the side of the bridge, remaining with the individual until local rescue crews arrived to assume care.  
For his actions during the River Rescue Technician class, FF Lemmerbrock received the first ever issued life saving award from the Indiana River Rescue School.  It is with great honor, Chief Hummel awards the PCFD Life Saving Medal to FF Drew Lemmerbrock.
Life Saving Medal
On Friday, May 24, 2024, the Painesville City Fire Department responded to an EMS call on Courtland Street. Upon arrival, the crew was directed by the caller to enter the residence to get to the patient. Shortly after entering the house, they were confronted with a handgun pointed by the patient. The crew immediately left the house through the back door and conceal themselves in the backyard while waiting for police assistance.  
It was at this time that the crew noticed the concerned caller appear in the back door. Fearing for the caller’s safety, and without regard for his own safety, FF Randy Rolf went back and grabbed the caller, pulling him out of harm’s way. The caller and crew hid in the backyard until they were safely escorted away from the scene by Painesville Police.  
It is with great honor Chief Hummel awards the PCFD Life Saving Medal to FF Randy Rolf.
Stork Pins

On Friday, May 24, 2024, at approximately 11:07 p.m., FF Thomas Konitsky, FF Randy Rolf and FF James Solymosi, responded to Hayer Drive for a report of a woman in labor. Upon arrival, the crew found the birth of the child to be imminent and immediately assisted in the delivery of the baby in the residence. After, both mother and baby were transported to Tripoint Medical Center in Concord.


In accordance with past practice and on behalf of University Hospitals, Dr. Jay Carter and EMS Coordinator Patty Willson, Chief Hummel is proud to present the Stork Pin for the successful delivery of an infant in the field.