2019 Road Projects Announced

With Richmond Street done, it's time to tackle W Jackson Street! Below is the City of Painesville's list of 2019 road improvement projects scheduled. Projects include W Jackson Street, N Park Place, Cedarbrook Drive, Bank Street, S St. Clair Street Parking Lot, Maplewood Drive Basin and the city sidewalk program.


1. We know construction is inconvenient, but we can't fix the roads without it. Thank you in advance for your patience.
2. We'll keep you updated on project dates so you can plan accordingly this summer. Look for more information.
3. What about [insert here] road? Check out our 5 Year Road Plan. As noted previously, we were able to add projects to 2019 based on outside grants we received, so the plan is subject to change.

West Jackson Street
The biggest project this year will be tearing out and replacing West Jackson Street from the city corporation line to Richmond Street. This will include the installation of new storm water lines and sanitary sewer lining. Total project cost is $1.2 million and is 80% funded through a NOACA grant. ODOT will be assisting on the project.
Timeframe: May 6 – August 2019 
Traffic Restriction: One lane
North Park Place
With the new Lake County Administration Building set to be complete in August, the City of Painesville will install enhanced streetscape elements including landscaping, porous sidewalk pavers, concrete curb replacement, decorative lighting and stormwater quality improvements to the northeast corner of Painesville Square. NOACA and ODOT grants have helped fund this project.
Timeframe: May – July 2019
Traffic Restriction: Road closed between Main Street entrance and church parking lot. No foot traffic.
Cedarbrook Drive
Cedarbrook Drive will be completely resurfaced from Southington Boulevard to Monroe Boulevard.
Timeframe: TBD (Summer/Fall 2019)
Traffic Restriction: One lane
Bank Street
Bank Street will be completely resurfaced from S State Street (5 points intersection) to E Walnut Street (SR 84). As a separate project, the Army Corps of Engineers will be working to replace a portion of the Bank Street retaining wall.
Timeframe: TBD (Summer/Fall 2019)
Traffic Restriction: Local Traffic Only
S St. Clair Street Parking Lot
This project includes the installation of a retaining wall, reinforced curb, storm sewer and catch basins, and thesurfacing and striping of the parking lot located adjacent to Victoria Place where the old parking garage was located.
Timeframe: TBD (Summer/Fall 2019)
Maplewood Drive Basin Improvement
This project involves draining, dredging and grading the existing pond and includes the installation of a new culvertunder the railroad. 
Timeframe: Ongoing
Sidewalk Program
As part of City Council’s three-year sidewalk program, the engineering department has identified sections of sidewalk that are not in compliance throughout the city. This year, the city will be replacing all sidewalks that fall within city responsibility. After this phase is complete, letters will begin to be sent to property owners whose sidewalks may need to be replaced under their responsibility.