Painesville City Fire Department Receives BWC Grants


The Painesville City Fire Department applied for and received two Bureau of Worker Compensation (BWC) grants this spring to improve safety for their firefighters.


The first grant, a Firefighter Exposure to Environmental Elements Grant (FEEEG), provides $8,200 towards the purchase of washable fire gloves and barrier hoods to reduce the risk of cancer due to exposure encountered during firefighting operations.


The second grant, a BWC Safety Grant, provides $40,000 toward the purchase of two LUCAS chest compression devices and one Stryler power cot load system.

  • LUCA chest compression device limits the amount of time firefighters need to be standing in a moving ambulance while performing CPR while also improving CPR performance, accuracy and efficiency.
  • Stryler power cot load system is the third system for the city and reduces the risk of upper body strains and injuries while loading and unloading ambulance cots. Once the cot is engaged in the load system, the system takes all the weight and loads the cot with minimal effort.


Both grants will greatly improve the safety of Painesville firefighters.