Yard Waste Pick Up Starts April 1

Republic Services collects yard waste every-other week on your normal trash/recycling day, curbside. Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, branches and general yard debris. 
    • Yard Waste must be contained in a brown paper bag or in a container marked YW. Please do not use plastic bags!
    • Any items 4 feet in length, must be tied, bundled or somehow contained
    • Yard waste is on an EVERY-OTHER-WEEK pickup schedule starting the week of April 1 through the week of December 15 on the same day as your refuse and recycle collection
    • There is an option for weekly yard waste collection at an additional cost from Republic. Contact their customer service at 216-441-6300
    • Fall leaf collection starts weekly October 1 through December 15. Christmas Tree curb side pick up occurs the first two weeks of January