Statement Regarding City of Mentor’s Approval of Ordinance 24-O-014

Painesville City Council and Administration are deeply disappointed in Tuesday night’s Mentor City Council decision to pass Ordinance 24-O-014 by a vote of 5 to 2, which places 215 acres of land in conservation that the City of Mentor owns within Painesville City limits.


This decision confirms Mentor’s intent to control land located in another city’s jurisdiction to prevent the economic advancement of its diverse neighbor. The fact remains that a conservation group graded the property as low-quality wetlands and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers delineated the property which is approved for development.


While Mentor is the property owner of these parcels of land, the land is within Painesville City limits and falls under Painesville City ordinances and zoning code. The Riverside School District has also filed an appeal with the State for the tax exemption status of the property which would cause considerable financial injury to the school district.


It is unfortunate that Mentor’s decision will result in not only the loss of roughly 1,000+ new full-time jobs for the region, but also the potential loss of hundreds of construction jobs for planned roads and public infrastructure projects.