Fire Department 'A' Shift Receives Life Saving Awards

Congratulations to Painesville City Fire Department's 'A' Shift crew, Captain Bob Mrosko, Lt. Amanda Karduck, Tom Konitsky, Brandon Noe, Chris Kuper and Brennan Carden, on receiving the Life Saving Medal award at the Monday, December 17 Painesville City Council meeting. The award was in recognition to the 'A' shift team's response on July 12 to Stage Avenue where a 15-year-old female was stabbed multiple times resulting in severe blood loss and a collapsed lung. Due to their quick actions and paramedic skills, the victim survived and recovered.




Life Saving Medals Awarded on December 17, 2018

On Thursday, July 12 the 'A' shift of the Painesville City Fire Department was called to Stage Avenue for an assault with a possible stabbing victim. While in route, the team was advised that the scene was secure the there was a victim. They responded directly to the scene, where they found two victims. One victim, a 15-year-old female, suffered from multiple stab wounds to the face, head and back. Two back wounds were sever enough to be "sucking chest" wounds. The victim was also suffering from hypovolemic shock due to blood loss. The second victim on scene suffered from minor injuries.


The crew immediately recognized the severity of the situation and called for assistance from Painesville Township so they could concentrate their life saving efforts on the 15-year-old female. Additionally, aeromedical support was requested to meet them at the emergency room due to the severe trauma she had suffered. 


The 'A' shift team began to work to save the young woman's life. The patient had lost a great deal of blood and her right lung had collapsed due to the sucking chest wounds. The crew performed decompression of the lung and sealed the wounds. In addition, they treated the head and facial injuries and controlled most of the bleeding. They monitored the patient's vital signs and assisted her in breathing throughout transport to Tri-Point Medical Center where she would be life-flighted to Metro Health.


Both Tri-Point Medical Center and Metro Health have credited the quick, professional , caring and aggressive care of the responding crew with having a direct impact on the ultimate survival of the 15-year-old patient.


The City of Painesville recognizes Captain Bob Mrosko, Lt. Amanda Karduck, Tom Konitsky, Brandon Noe, Chris Kuper and Brennan Carden with the life saving medal award on the 17th of December in the year 2018.