Statement by Monica Irelan Dupee Regarding Diamond Center Drive Widening

Developer Shamrock Business Center Ltd. has ignored its legal responsibility to widen Diamond Centre Drive at Heisley Road for more than a decade.


“There’s a standing judgment against Shamrock and it needs to be enforced. Painesville and our neighbor, the City of Mentor, have spent too many years and expended too much energy on this issue,” said Monica Irelan Dupee, Painesville City Manager. “Painesville wants to work with Mentor to find a long-term, sustainable solution for both communities.” 


The City of Painesville and Mentor originally worked together on a vision for economic development for the Heisley Road/Route 2 area that included advanced energy and biotech companies, industrial, retail and residential development. Shamrock agreed to widen Diamond Centre with a turning lane. The economy crashed around that 2008 time, and Shamrock publicly stated that because the development fell victim to the crash, it would not widen the road despite its contract with the city.


“All business ventures have risks. You sign a contract, you take a risk. But if conditions change and you don’t like it, in our system you don’t get to walk away from a legal agreement,” said City Manager Dupee. “I came on the scene just over two years ago and I know there has been a lot of rancor over this issue between my city and Mentor. We need to put all of that behind us once and for all and do what is right – and what is responsible – for our citizens.”