Painesville Business' Cleveland Browns Connection

Did you know that Gartman Model Bakery is the chosen bakery to supply donuts for Browns Stadium employees every home game this year?
"We are pleased to have a chance to supply our donuts made right here in Painesville, to the stadium and they have been pleased as well" said Lee Smead from the Gartman Family. "They order 35 dozen to take into Cleveland each home game day."
The Browns/Painesville connection came from a local Painesville resident and Gartman's customer, Amanda. She wanted to help her boss find a better donut to offer workers before and during stadium events. Home game employees number over 400 hard workers who get there bright and early (and hungry) to prepare for the game. Thanks to Amanda, they are treated with delicious Gartman's donuts.
Thank you to Cleveland Browns employees for supporting local!