Buying & Selling

So you want to buy a home in the City of Painesville? Congratulations, you have great taste! Prior to purchasing or selling a home in Painesville, the following should be researched to eliminate any issues you may have before closing or taking ownership. You, your realtor and/or the title company will need to contact the appropriate service providers to determine if there are any outstanding fees or issues with the property. 

  1. Check for outstanding vacant property registration fees 
  2. Determine if the property is non-conforming
  3. Check for outstanding liens on the property
  4. Check with the Painesville Utilities Billing Office to determine if there are any past due utilities owed (water, sewer, electric)
  5. Check with Republic Services to determine if any past due fees are owed for refuse and recycling collection
  6. If the property is in poor condition and improvements are needed, talk with a housing inspector


Find a Registered Contractor

The City of Painesville requires all general, electrical, HVAC, plumbing and sewer contractors to be registered and bonded with the City before beginning work. The below listing of contractors meet this requirement, however, the City of Painesville makes no warranty on the quality of work by the contractors. Property owners are encouraged to check references and obtain multiple estimates before making a decision. 


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