In Case of an Emergency 

9-1-1 is your tool to get police, fire or medical help to you as quickly as possible when you or someone else is experiencing an emergency situation. The proper use of 911 will help the City's Safety forces be available to those that really need their help.

When to Call 911
  • Any immediate threat to a person's life
  • Any fire situation
  • Any crime, especially in progress
  • A car crash with injury
  • A medical emergency for symptoms that require immediate medical attention
  • Any "unknown" type of situation
How can you help? 
  • Use 911 for true emergencies
  • When you call, stay on the line, do not hang up (even if you dialed 911 accidentally)
  • Quickly describe the emergency
  • Answer the dispatcher's questions
  • Give the location of the emergency
  • Remain calm