The City of Painesville has a Key Account Service for key retail, office and industrial users. The Key Account Program offers a hands-on approach to assisting local companies with their current and future growth plans. The program is designed to forge stronger, more mutually beneficial relationship with our business customers. The following are a few of the services that the key account program can offer:

    • Utility management and review
    • Energy Efficiency education and management
    • Electric rate use and analysis
    • Electric load monitoring
    • Electric Power Disturbance analysis
    • Compressed air leak detection
    • Infrared testing of electrical connection
    • Advanced metering services
    • Energy audits
    • Outdoor security lighting analysis 


Our key account business retention & expansion program is designed to enhance the level of communications with and the services delivered to very important commercial and industrial customers. By doing so, Painesville Electric can provide business retention and expansion services that assist strategic customers in remaining competitive within their respective industries.


Painesville Electric's partnership with Efficiency Smart offers consultative services and financial incentives for large businesses. Efficiency Smart can help businesses reduce their operating expenses and meet sustainability goals through customized energy efficiency services and incentives. Their consultative and tailored approach includes a dedicated account manager and the support of energy engineers at no cost to you. 


With Painesville's partnership with AMP Ohio, our key accounts can utilize AMP's Direct Connections which creates a sustainable forum for regular dialogue between Painesville Electric and our largest consumer-owners, enabling us to better serve their specific energy related needs. It also strengthens our local economy, demonstrating the municipal electric utility's commitment to all customers. By partnering with key accounts, Painesville's municipal electric utility cost effectively improves demand side management and energy efficiency efforts, resulting in improved energy utilization and energy cost savings for both you and your customers. For more information on Direct Connections, please contact Corey Bentine, directory of key accounts at 614-540-1111 or [email protected]