The construction of or addition to a detached garage or other accessory structure within the City of Painesville is subject to the requirements of the Residential Code of Ohio (RCO) and the City of Painesville Zoning Ordinances.


Code Requirements

Per Painesville Codified Ordinance Section 1125.03 (a)(2):

    • Each single family dwelling unit is required to have a minimum of two (2) enclosed parking spaces with such space not less than 12 feet by 22 feet in area and having a parking pad that consists of an approved impervious material;
    • Vehicles cannot be parked on lawns or other unpaved areas or where they extend over any portion of a lot line or public sidewalk;
    • Driveways can be widened or extended to accommodate a parking pad, however, one edge must be tapered to meet the driveway width at the public right-of-way or alley and at its widest point, the parking pad shall not exceed 12 feet in width;
    • Driveways should be a minimum width of 8 feet and a maximum width of 20 feet at the intersection with the public right-of-way or alley.


Non-Conforming Properties

Painesville is an old city, older than most zoning codes and ordinances. The issue becomes enforcing zoning codes that were put in place after an area was already developed (like adding modern parking standards to an area that was built long before vehicles were an issue). These grandfathered properties become what is called legal non-conforming use.


Non-conforming uses are only grandfathered as long as they are in continuous use. If a house sits vacant for more than 12 months or the use of the property is changed, that legal non-conforming status is lost. At this point, the current property owner would have to comply with current zoning code. In the case of garages, a single family dwelling unit would then be required to have at least one enclosed parking space built/added to the property.


Buying a home? If it has been vacant for a period of time, check to make sure the grandfather status remains when planning if a new garage is needed. Call the Community Development office at 440-392-5931 for more information. 



Garage Policy

    • A garage or enclosed parking space must be built if the property is classified as non-conforming;
      • The space should be no less than 12 feet wide x 22 feet deep;
      • If the lot will not accommodate a garage or enclosed parking space, a variance may be request through the Board of Zoning Appeals;
    • Engineered/architectural building plans must be submitted to the Painesville Community Development Department for issuance of a zoning permit;
    • The exterior materials must be similar in nature and color to those of the main dwelling structure and approved by the Community Development Department;
    • The detached garage or enclosed parking space must have an overhead door or similar along with a man door. An attached garage or enclosed parking space must have an overhead door and access to the main dwelling unit;
    • The floors must be an impervious surface such as concrete.