Unidirectional flushing is a process where water is forced through the mains to dislodge small particles of rust and sediment. This sediment does not affect water quality but can cause water to become discolored. The water is safe to drink and discoloration often disappears within a short period of time.


Flushing will be conducted Monday through Friday. Signs will be posted indicating water flushing is occurring in your area. Please avoid using water if possible while the signs are displayed.  Please contact the Water Distribution office at 440-392-2975 with any questions.




  • Section 1Grand River Village - north of Abels Avenue (dark pink on map)
  • Section 2 - Grand River Village/Painesville Township - north of SR 2 and east of the Grand River (orange on map)
  • Section 3 - Painesville City - north of Sanford Street and Storrs Street (yellow on map)
  • Section 4 - Painesville City/Painesville Township - north of Jackson Street and west of Richmond Street to Newell Street (light green on map)
  • Section 5 - Painesville City - north of Mentor Avenue and west of Newell Street to the railroad tracks, which includes Encore Estates and Heisley Park area (teal on map)
  • Section 6 - Painesville City - west of Richmond Street, north of Mentor Ave and both sides of E Erie Street to the Painesville Township line (indigo on map)
  • Section 7 - Painesville City - north of E Walnut Avenue, west of S State Street, south of Mentor Avenue and the north and south side street of Main Street to the township line (purple on map)
  • Section 8 - Painesville City/Painesville Township/Concord Township - west of Bank Street, east of Chestnut Avenue, south of Walnut Street and north of Johnnycake Road (brown on map)
  • Section 9 - Painesville Township/Concord Township - Painesville Warren Road and side streets, west of Auburn Road, and south on Ravenna Road to Prouty Road (pink on map)
  • Section 10 - Concord Township - south of Johnnycake Ridge Road, north of I-90 and west of Auburn Road (red on map)
  • Section 11 - Concord Township - south of Johnnycake Ridge Road, north of Girdled Road, west of Painesville Ravenna Road and east of Morley Road (orange on map)
  • Section 12 - Concord Township - Concord Hambden Road east of Painesville Ravenna Road and the side streets to Winchell Road (light orange on map)
  • Section 13 - Concord Township - Concord Hambden Road west of Painesville Ravenna Road and the side streets to Auburn Road (yellow on map)
  • Section 14 - Concord Township - west of Hermitage Road, south of Interstate 90 and east of Hermitage Road (green on map)
  • Section 15 - Concord Township - Mount Royal Subdivision and Hermitage Road south to Girdled Road (teal on map)
  • Section 16 - Concord Township - north of Colburn Road, east of OH-44, west of Painesville Ravenna Road and south of Quail Hollow (dark blue on map)
  • Section 17 - Concord Township - north of Winchell Road, east of Painesville Ravenna Road, west of Concord Hambden Road and south of Old Stone Court (purple on map)