The City of Painesville has its own fire department that responds to both fire and medical emergencies. PCFD's mission statement is "to protect life and property" of our community. We take that job very seriously. PCFD covers roughly 7 square miles with an estimated population around 20,000. The department responds to over 4,000 calls annually.


PCFD has an authorized staffing level of 27 full-time career firefighters. The department is divided into three shifts (A, B and C shifts) with each shift having 6-8 firefighters on duty. The department typically works a 48-hour week, with 24-hours on duty, 48-hours off duty and an extra day off every three weeks. In addition to our full-time firefighters, PCFD also employees a part-time secretary, part-time fire safety inspector and full-time Fire Chief. The department is currently led by Chief Thomas C. Hummel, Jr., who was appointed in January 2019 after many years of service with PCFD.