Public Works maintains several parking options for motorists in the City of Painesville. Every lot and meter is inspected annually and repairs are made accordingly to ensure public safety and ease of use.
City Parking Lots
South St. Clair Street Lot (behind Victoria Place)
  • 66 S St. Clair Street, Painesville, Ohio
  • $2.00 daily flat rate for public - credit card or exact change
  • Monthly permit passes available 

Downtown visitors and Victoria Place tenants can utilize this 115-spot gated lot located at 66 South St. Clair Street. This lot has a $2.00 daily flat rate for visitors or monthly pass key fobs are available for $15 a month ($10 deposit). Credit card or cash accepted. However, the kiosk accepts exact cash amount only, with no change given. The city offers no refunds, no exceptions. The lot is open 7 days a week and no overnight parking is permitted. Violators will be fined and/or towed at owner's expense. South St. Clair Street kiosk is video monitored 24/7. For monthly key fob info, please call the parking line at 440-392-5915 and leave a message with your information.


Vogue Lot (behind Main Street, between S St. Clair Street & S State Street)

  • Public parking available in metered spaces - change only
  • Reserved spaces for monthly permit customers

This 52-space lot is located on South State Street, across the from Joughin Hardware and runs through the entire block to South St. Clair Street. Public parking is allowed in the metered spaces. Unmetered spaces are reserved for those who purchase monthly parking permits (business owners, apartment residents, etc.) Spaces near Bada Bing are available for free short-term customer parking. If interested in reserving a monthly space, please call the parking line at 440-392-5915 and leave a message with your information. So, why is it called Vogue Lot? The lot was once the site of a popular, long-time restaurant/lounge called The Vogue in downtown Painesville.


East Washington Street Lot (Old Lake East Hospital Site)

  • Free public parking
  • Temporary lot until development

At the location of the Old Lake East Hospital Site on Washington Street, a temporary 95-space parking lot has been established by the city and is available for free public parking. Additional overflow parking is available off the pavement for special large events, such as Party in the Park.


Sterling Avenue Lot (off West Washington Street)

  • Permits for city employees & designated visitors only
  • Free public parking during special city events (Party in the Park, Art in the Park, etc)

Sterling Avenue Lot is located behind the current Huntington Bank location, between Washington Street and Sterling Avenue, and is a by permit only lot. The majority of the 101 spaces are allocated for Painesville City employees and designated visitor parking during business hours. The lot is monitored by camera 24/7 and those parking without a permit will be fined and/or towed at owner's expense. Sterling Avenue Lot does become open to the public on weekends during special city events.


City Hall Lot (between Mentor Avenue & Erie Street)

  • Public parking for hourly City Hall & Muni Court visitors
  • Reserved spots for police, fire & select employee parking

The City Hall parking complex is a sectioned parking lot that has no charge to park, but is intended for short-term business only inside Painesville City Hall or Painesville Municipal Court. There are six short-term visitor parking spaces before the underpass when motorists enter off Mentor Avenue. A handicap ramp traverses the grade from the area sidewalk to the entrance to City Hall for handicap accessibility.


The underpass spaces are strictly reserved for police parking. Once motorists pass through the underpass, they will find another 50-spaces which includes additional police parking and fire department parking. Periodically, short-term parking is available in this section, however, this lot is monitored for long-term parking and violators will be ticketed. A drop-off utility department payment box is conveniently located at the south end of the lot between the Fire Department and Erie Street. Visitors to City Hall or Municipal Court may have to utilize street parking or metered parking around Painesville Square.



Parking Meters


There are approximately 170 parking meters in the City of Painesville. The majority of these are street parking in the downtown area. Meters accept U.S. coins. Occasionally, circuits and parts wear out and a meter will malfunction. Please call Public Works at 440-392-9676 to report the number of the broken meter. 



Residential Street Parking
Residential street parking is permitted in the City of Painesville unless signage indicates otherwise. All city parking laws and ordinances apply to residential street parking unless otherwise posted by the Public Works Director.


Emergency Snow Ban Parking

When snowfall reaches 2 inches or more, in less than a 24 hour period, an Emergency Snow Ban automatically goes into affect and street parking is prohibited on residential roads to allow Public Works plows to efficiently and safely clear the streets of snow and ice. Motorists who chose not to move their vehicles can be fined and/or towed at owners expense.