As a result of the aging infrastructure and Painesville City Council's goal to "improve Painesville's environment and image," in 2018 City Council passed the Painesville City Sidewalk Program, a two phase improvement plan. The program was designed to benefit residents by improving the aesthetics of owner-occupied single-family homes, thus increasing property values and improving neighborhoods.


During Phase 1, city staff replaced damaged sidewalk slabs that fell under city responsibility and removed any trees that were deemed hazardous to sidewalks or infrastructure. Phase 2, has property owners replacing sidewalk slabs that fall under their responsibility and any trees that may be deemed hazardous to those sidewalks.

Replacement Criteria

  1. Sidewalk slabs that are raised or settled creating a trip hazard
  2. Sidewalks with a large number of cracks
  3. Sidewalk slabs that have a large amount of surface spalling/chipping causing an uneven surface
  4. Sidewalks that are any material but concrete


The Process

Follow these steps to make sure you are in compliance with city code:

  1. Apply for a sidewalk permit from the Engineering Department with a fee of $45 that covers the cost of two inspections.
  2. Schedule your pre-pour inspection to verify depth, form work, preparation and condition of the subbase.
  3. Have the concrete work done - you can do it yourself or hire a contractor.
  4. Reseed your grass that was damaged due to the work.
  5. Schedule a follow up inspection to verify restoration is complete.
How are streets chosen?
Streets are chosen on an annual basis based on a number of factors including the general deterioration of the sidewalks. Streets are then grouped by neighborhoods so that work can be accomplished in the most cost-effective manner. 
What will be replaced?
City sidewalk inspectors use white paint to mark damaged sections. Two symbols are used: an "X" indicated it's the property owner's responsibility to replace and an "O" indicates it's Painesville City's responsibility to replace.  Work shall be completed within one year after notice is given. The property owner is responsible for 100% of the cost of replacement.
  • 2024 Bulk Price Program: The City of Painesville has an agreement with S.O.A. Construction for a bulk price rate (up to 30 square feet). For more information, see the 2024 Block Rate Letter to Residents
      • 4" block is $360
      • 6" block is $390
      • 8" block is $420
  • Sidewalk Ordinance: City Council amended and approved Ordinance No.18-23 regarding Chapter 909, on October 2, 2023. 


After Replacement

Restoration should begin as soon as possible after new sidewalks have been poured. Contractors are required to use high quality topsoil and seed to grow grass. Property owners can assist with this by watering the ground lightly everyday until grass has been mowed once or twice. Then water more heavily and less frequently.