Storm Water Sewers

Catch Basin Cleaning & Repair

Public Works executes a regularly-scheduled program of cleaning and repairing catch basins (curb drains). Please call to report a catch basin that you believe may need attention at 440-392-9676. Signs that a problem exists include perpetual ponding (standing water), water flowing from the catch basin, debris blocking the grate, broken grate, misaligned/dislodged grate, missing grate, broken pavement around grate, suspected erosion or sinkhole near the catch basin.
Residents are urged to not leave grass clippings in the curb gutter and to not rake leaves into the street. Both grass and leaves clog the catch basins and cause street flooding. Nothing, other than water, should ever flow into the catch basins. Emptying other substances such as grease, oil, paint or liquid fuels, into a catch basin can result in prosecution and fines.
Roadside Ditch Cleaning
Public Works periodically cleans roadside ditches of debris and vegetation to keep storm water flowing freely toward Lake Erie. It is against the law to dump anything in a roadside ditch. If you have items that need removed and need disposal advice, please call Public Works at 440-392-9676 or the Fire Department at 440-392-5852 for directions or guidance.
Driveway Culvert Replacement
If a driveway culvert needs to be replaced, the cost of the culvert rests with the property owner. However, the City will install the culvert at no service charge. Call Public Work to schedule this work well ahead of the desired completion date to give us time to work it into scheduling.

Sanitary Sewers

All sanitary sewers, aka everything that goes down a drain or toilet in your home or business, are maintained by the Public Works Department. A regular sewer maintenance program, whereby forced high pressure water is jetted in the City’s sanitary sewer main lines to maintain its flow viability, is accomplished on a schedule established by the Service Director. Neighborhoods known to have a history of sewer problems are closely monitored to alleviate potential backups.


Is something wrong with my sewer?

If your sink, shower, bathtub or toilet is not draining properly, or water from these facilities is backing up into your home, call the Public Works Department at 440-392-9676 to have the main sewer on the street checked. A crew will open the man hole cover on your street and inspect the lines. In the event the main sewer is operating properly:

    • Request that a plumber come to your home and snake out the drain line the entire length from the house to the City’s sewer main under the street. Chances are this will clear the line allowing your drains to empty property into the sewer main.
    • If this does not solve your problem, then you will need to locate your property's residential sewer lateral line, that runs from your home to the City's main sewer in the street, which is the property owner's responsibility to maintain and repair. You can call the City's Engineering Department to access if your lateral line is in need of repair or clearing aberrations.