Street Signs

When a new street or neighborhood is constructed, the developer must submit plans that include the proposed name of the new street(s). The City’s Community Development office and members of the Planning Commission will review it for appropriateness and clarity. For more info, call the Community Development office at 440-392-5931.

Street Name Signs
Street name signs are manufactured at the Public Works' Sign Shop on Storrs Street. Their placement parameters are consistent throughout Painesville City.
General Traffic Signs
Signs that regulate traffic and parking are also manufactured at the Public Works' Sign Shop. Their placement is determined by traffic safety requirements specified by the traffic and parking laws in the City Ordinances.
Missing & Damaged Signs
If you inadvertently damage a street or traffic sign, please notify the Public Works Department (440-392-9676) as soon as possible, even if you have also filed a report with the Police Department. Should you find a misplaced sign, please return it to the Public Works Department garage at 459 Storrs Street and leave it outside by the door. If that is not possible (sign is too large/heavy or still attached to post) call us at 440-392-9676. 

Traffic Signals

Traffic signal timing is set after a considerable study of data on normal traffic flow during peak hours at signaled intersections. All signals are equipped with the Safety Services pre-emption device that activates the 4-way red and white spotlights (one each direction) signaling to traffic that a Safety Services vehicle is rapidly approaching that intersection. A pre-emption spotlight that is ‘on’ facing your vehicle takes precedence over any other signal color light. Per law, you must remain stopped and in place until the pre-emption spotlight is out and the signal returns to the normal 3-color operation.

As a courtesy to late-night motorists when traffic is very light, certain intersection signals automatically reduce from 3-color operation to flashing yellow. This means to proceed with “caution” through the intersection.


School Zone Flashers
School zones are highly visible areas, being marked on the pavement and by large signs with yellow flashers. The speed limit when the flashers are operating is 20 mph, no exceptions! It's the law.
Malfunctioning Signals
Occasionally, the timing of a traffic signal or school zone flasher goes haywire and needs to be reset. If you observe a signal operating inconsistently, erratically or not at all, call the Public Works Department at 440-392-9676.  


Pavement Markings

Road lanes are re-striped and traffic direction markings repainted by Public Works technicians whenever required for clear observation. Please exercise caution and courtesy when driving through an area where pavement marking is in progress.